Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality and Environmental Policy

It is the common responsibility of all employees to create a quality and a healthy working environment, starting from the top management of the company, to prevent the negative effects on the quality and the environment that may arise from the activities of VATAN PRES A.Ş.

  • To ensure the personal development of our employees,
  • Meeting customer requests,
  • Developing our technology and working efficiently,
  • To ensure that the values ​​belonging to our customers are protected and kept confidential,
  • To present the quality product to the customer on time and with competitive prices,
  • To comply with legal requirements regarding environmental aspects and to meet customer expectations,
  • To raise awareness of all stakeholders, especially our employees and suppliers,
  • To prevent environmental pollution at its source, if it cannot be prevented, to keep it under control,
  • Protecting the environment and using resources efficiently,
  • To control and improve the amount of waste, especially sheet metal waste, arising from our production support activities,
  • To ensure the continuous improvement of our quality and environmental performance.
  • Negative use of resources such as air, water, soil, vegetation avoiding all content that will have an effect,
  • Digitalization in company areas in terms of reducing climate change,

We undertake that we will reflect and observe the principles we have adopted as employees of VATAN PRES A.Ş. in all our activities and ways of doing business.



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