Main Activities

Sheet Metal Forming

  • Transfer, Progressive and Tandem presses shape sheet metals grade up to 1200 Mpa.
  • Wide range of products from 7 gr. to 5 kg.
  • Expert on body parts, seat parts, chassis parts, transmission & engine parts and brackets.

Pres Lines

  • Progressive Presses from 500 tons to 1.000 T
  • Tandem Presses from 250 tons to 2.000 T
  • Transfer Presses from 500 tons to 1.000 T
  • Robotic Lines

Robotic Welding Units

  • Robotic Welding Units 10 Spot & 5 Arc
  • Projection Welding Units 24 machines

Mechanic Assembly Lines

  • Riveting Line
  • Specific assembly lines for products
  • Bush & Grommet Assembly Line
  • Pin & Spring Assembly

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