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About Us

Vatan Pres is a stamping, welding and metal tooling company in the global automotive supply industry, established in 1984 in BURSA and providing some key parts for major OEM and Tier1 companies globally.


  • 405 qualified personnel
  • Totally 51 Pres Lines between 250T and 2.000T, from 7 gr. to 5 kg. up to 1200 Mpa.
  • Modern Toolshop and R&D Center
  • Total production area of 34.800 m² in 3 different locations
  • Sales Office at Germany at Q3-21 and Warehouse at East Europe in Q4-21, Production Plant 2022.
  • Sold 36 million parts with 1,3 ppm level in 2019

Our Mission

Achieving sustainable growth in sheet forming with high competitive power while developing with all stakeholders.

Our Vision

By 2025, to be one of 5 preferred suppliers in our sector. We aim to manage high quality products, with competitive cost and on time delivery.


  • Believe in Teamwork
  • Customer Oriented
  • Open Minded
  • Honesty & Prestige
  • Respectful
Why Us?

Key Figures


Qualified Personnel


Press Lines
(250T - 2.000T)


R&D Center
Modern Tool-shop
ın ıts new location


Production Plants
35.000mt2 Area
+30.000mt2 Invested

Sales Office Germany
Q3 - 2021

36 Million

Parts sold
with 1,3 ppm


Graded by several
ınternational banks

Quality Certificates
IATF 16949
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
VDA 6.3


Some Customers

Some Customers

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